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Piggy Pole & Aerial Fitness offer Pole Fitness, Pole Dance, & Aerial Hoop (also known as lyra) classes and private lessons. Piggy Pole is based in Chelmsford & Witham, Essex. Group classes as well as Private Lessons & Parties are held at the Anytime Fitness Gym in Chelmsfords town centre. Small Private Lessons & One to One's tend to be held in Witham, you will need to get in touch with the owner Sarah about booking these direct.

To view Piggy Pole & Aerial Fitness' timetable please see below. To BOOK ON TO GROUP CLASSES, please download the Studio Booking App & search for Piggy Pole. Alternatively CLICK HERE. As mentioned above please contact Sarah direct to enquire about Private Lessons. Aerial Hoop Group classes will be returning in Nov 2020!

Piggy Pole & Aerial Fitness welcomes people of all abilities, fitness, age and size and are always looking for people to join our fitness and social community. We believe that professional training in a relaxed & supportive environment makes exercising fun! You'll find our classes receptive with your instructor as well as your class mates encouraging you on so you can enjoy your fitness journey & discover what your body is capable of.

Occasionally there will be nights out to meet up with people from other classes for those interested, and above all, our ethos is... Pole hard, Play Hard!

For photos, videos & to see what our classes are like please take a look at the Piggy Pole & Aerial Fitness Facebook Page or on Instagram

Our instructors are fully qualified with leading pole organizations, fully insured and first aid trained.

Piggy Pole & Aerial Fitness offers pole parties, aerial hoop parties, and a combination of the two for events such as birthdays or any other celebrations. We also accommodate for Hen parties, group bookings and private classes, so if this sounds right for you, we invite you to come and have a go, if you think you're piggy enough!


Apart from the obvious increases to cardio vascular fitness you will become more flexible, better toned and more confident while learning a new skill at your own pace that is fun and inclusive. We believe that a good warm up as well as calisthenic conditioning are key to injury prevention. That is why every class & private lesson is started with an in depth warm up routine that includes Mobilisation, Pulse Raisers, Body Weight Conditioning Exercises & Dynamic Stretching, focusing on correcting posture & weak areas in the body. This method of Prehab focuses on strengthening the most common weak & tight muscles in the body as well as those that are predominantly used in Pole & Aerial. This approach is continued throughout the classes to ensure that you are strong enough to attempt the moves & tricks that are to be taught.


Piggy Pole & Aerial Fitness also now offer Online Classes via Zoom so that you can work on your strength & flexibility from the comfort of your own home! 

In the Online Active Flexibility & Stretch Class we will work on increasing both active & passive flexibility in a safe way so that you not just flexible but also strong enough to do those bendy tricks, get those splits & have beautiful backbends. 

The online Conditioning Class "Bulletproof Your Body" uses Resistance Bands to help you correct poor posture  & reduce all those aches & pains so you feel better in your body!
Resistance Band Training is used for both Prehab & Rehab & is recommended by Physios all over!


The Piggy Pole & Aerial Fitness Students Group on Facebook is a place where you can share your progress with others & socialise outside of class. Upon joining this group you will also have access to exclusive videos for warming up, stretching & conditioning exercises for you to continue your fitness journey at home & aid your progress even while you're not at class! If you are not on Facebook please contact Sarah so she can share the video library with you.


Piggy Pole & Aerial Fitness follow an in depth syllabus designed to take you from a beginner to an advanced level at a challenging but fun & safe rate. In our Pole Classes you will work through a Grade system which includes conditioning exercises & learning fundamental moves & skills to prepare you more challenging moves & combos further down the line. In our Aerial Hoop classes you will do the same but instead of working through Grades you will work through Sequences & Routines on the hoop to help you get to grips with transitions & flowing from one move to the next.
Progression is as unique as you are! Each student will take as long as they need to complete & progress through the Pole Syllabus. With the help & support of your instructor and encouragement from your new pole & aerial family you will develop your skills whilst having a laugh & enjoying the journey.

About Our Piggy Instructors:


Sarah Scotchman is the owner of Piggy Pole & Aerial Fitness & teaches Pole Fitness & Aerial Hoop. Sarah started poling in 2014 & took up Aerial Hoop in 2016. She qualified with The Pole Studio for her Beginner's Pole instructor qualification in 2016 & completed Levels 1-4 (of 4) in Xpole XPERT's Pole Fitness Teacher Training Programme in 2017 as well as XPERT's Aerial Hoop Fitness Professional Training course in 2016. Sarah comes from a fitness background, her stepfather is a personal trainer and from a young age she has competed in artistic gymnastics, representing Essex in the regional competition finals back in 2000. Sarah learnt Tai Chi for over a year a half aswell as Aerial Yoga to aid with her training & flexibilty. Sarah continues to take as many classes & workshops as she can to continue her own training. She has also taken contortion workshops & classes to work on her flexibility & to help gain knowledge on how to train both safely & effectively.

Outside of being an instructor Sarah is an international Figurative Artist who practices under the name Sarah Scotchman (http://sarahscotchman.co.uk).
She also specialises in fine art commissions, photography & life cast sculpture as well as offering a mobile photography studio service for pole dance, lyra, circus & the aerial arts.


Sarah Scotchman is an International Artist (The Fine Art of Sarah Scotchman) & photographer as well as being the owner of Piggy Pole & Aerial Fitness where she teaches Pole Fitness & Aerial Hoop in Chelmsford, Essex. She was also a partner & photographer for ...van Sadler Creative. Using her passion for aerial & her artistic eye Sarah offers polers & aerialists the opportunity to capture their favourite moves & accomplishments in photo shoots which she offers throughout the year. Sarah undertakes commissions for portraits, boudoir & has a mobile photography studio so you can have a photoshoot in the comfort of your own home! She also offers photography sessions for other Pole Dance Schools & Aerial & Circus Studios across the country. For more information on these or for arranging a private shoot, please contact Sarah on 07806623228, speak to her in class, or email: sarahscotchman@mac.com & please check out & like my Facebook Page: Sarah Scotchman Photography.

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