Active Flexibility & Stretch Class - Wed 7-8:30pm (during lockdown)

Piggy Pole & Aerial Fitness - Online Active Flexibility & Stretch Class - Via Zoom

Want to get bendier? Desperately want your splits? This online class is for you! You will increase your overall flexibility & reduce the risk of injury from just pushing into those stretches such as splits. It's a great way to keep up your strength & fitness levels. Let me help you to train smarter & more efficiently!!!

This class can be done on it's own to help you on your flexibility journey, or to supplement your existing pole & aerial training to help get you safely into all those bendy shapes & poses.

ONLINE ACTIVE FLEXIBILITY & STRETCH CLASS - Wed 7-8:30pm during lockdown (Classes will then continue to be at 8:30pm once we can teach in person again!)

- Increase your Passive & Active Flexibility!
- Active Flexibility uses your strength muscles fibers to achieve the stretch, unaided by external forces such as your hand or the floor when in splits. Active flexibility plays a huge role in getting into different moves as well as making them perty
- Passive stretching relies on external forces on a relaxed muscle. This type of flexibility relies largely on joint mobility and the connective tissues around the muscles. Working on passive flexibility will help your increase and maintain a flexible range of motion, which is important to your progress in active flexibility.
- We'll be focusing on Front Splits, Box Splits, Backbends & Shoulders

- A Warm Up & Cool Down Stretches are included in this class.

- You will need yoga blocks, a mat & a bit of wall space

- ONLY £5!

- Can't make it to the live class? No problem! Recordings avaialable for 48hrs after the live event. The link will be sent out to you upon request.

These classes are available to everyone! Not just existing Piggy Pole Students

The zoom details will be sent to you before the class
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