Finger Resistance Bands - Set of 3 - Starter & Advanced

Finger Resistance Bands - Set of 3

Sore wrists? We as aerialists & polers are always gripping with our hands & this can create a huge imbalance & can lead to knots, wrist pains & overuse injuries. Not to mention our day to day lives of using phones, computers & driving on top of our training!

As a form of self care get yourselves some of these little resistance bands for your hands & try to fit in a little finger workout whilst you're watching TV or having a coffee break at work. Trust me it makes a huge difference!

Made of Silicone these lightweight resistance bands for your fingers are durable, easy to use & can be taken with you so you can use them on the go! 

Finger Resistance Bands help you to develop hand & forearm strength & corrects imbalances by strengthening your Wrist Extensors. Great for helping relieve tight forearm muscles as well as increasing finger dexterity.

For daily exercise, improves strength, prevents stiffness and relieves joint pain.

Wrist Extensor Resistance Training help to combating and treat many of the following hand and wrist injuries: Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Tendonitis, Tennis Elbow, Golfer's Elbow, Arthritis in the Hand.

Starter Set -  This set is for those who want to start their Wrist Extensor Strengthening journey.
Each package includes three colors of varying resistance: 6.6lb, 8.8lb, 11lb. Please note the colours in this pack may vary but the strength will be the same. No bag is included in this set.

Advanced Set - This set is for those who have already started their Wrist Extensor Strengthening journey & are looking to progress.

Each package includes three colors of varying resistance: Pink - 20LB, Blue - 40LB, Grey - 60LB with a handy mesh bag to keep them in.


Size: Approx.
Beginner Set Diameter: 8cm
Advanced Set Diameter: 7cm

Please Note: Some of my suppliers are outside of the UK so please allow up to 4 weeks for your item to arrive. If you would like an estimate on your delivery please get in touch. Thankyou for your understanding.


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